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Written by Ken Zelez   


Stiff Stick

The Stiff Stick is the most popular with horses!

The Stick is a perfect tool for massaging your horses muscles!The Stiff Stick is recommended due to it's stiffness and length.  The Sprinter Stick or Original Body Stick would also be very good alternatives.

What Can “The Stick” Do for Horses?

By increasing circulation and breaking down Trigger Points (muscle knots), “The Stick” can:

Improve Strength

Increase Flexibility

Extend Endurance

Accelerate Recovery Time

Reduce Muscle Soreness, Stiffness & Pain

Prepare Muscles for Rigors of Activity
Flush Muscles from Rigors of Activity


Please watch these informative videos:





Here is some of the Science behind The Stick for our Equine friends:


The Q-10 Effect: Warm muscles perform better than cool muscles. Traditionally, athletes/horses would have to do light exercise to raise muscle temperature and enhance enzyme activity. This came at the expense of energy stores that could make the difference between first place and second place. Intracell Technology allows an athlete/horse to warm-up without expending energy reserves.

Speed, Strength and Endurance: Emphasis on flexibility training by most athletes/horses is almost non-existent. However, flexibility is crucial for developments in speed, strength and endurance. The usual approach to flexibility is less than optimal since muscle rarely stiffens uniformly. Typically, isolated segments of muscle become chronically shortened. Intracell Technology allows an athlete/horse to perform general stretching as well as segmental stretching procedures with a high degree of precision.

Barrier Trigger Points: Barrier trigger points are inflexible bands of muscle containing knots. These barriers set an artificial ceiling on muscle performance by restricting blood flow to the muscle. And, unrestricted blood flow is vital for both high performance and full recovery from exercise. Intracell Technologylifts the ceiling on performance by extinguishing barrier trigger points.

Growth, Repair and Glycogen: Restricted blood flow to the muscles following exercise hinders muscle growth, muscle repair and glycogen repletion. Blood flow restrictions are due to generalized muscle tightness and barrier trigger points. Intracell Technology relaxes tight muscles which enhances muscle growth, repairs tissue and augments glycogen repletion following heavy exercise.

Enhanced Lactic Acid Removal: During exercise, lactic acid can build to critical levels where optimal performance is sacrificed. Intracell Technology expedites the discharge of lactic acid from your muscles and encourages its conversion into glucose by the liver.

Click on this short article titled -  "The Stick & The Stud" to find about how The Stick helped a horse make it through a 100mile - 1 day Ride(Iron-man for horses).

The Stick & The Stud Picture

Here is a fun site for all ages! -- The Horse Lover's Corral - This site has lots of anatomy and fun stuff too!


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Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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