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Did you know that The Stick is waterproof?  Is is completely made of plastic, therefore it can be hosed down and washed.  Don't be afraid to use The Stick anywhere and anytime!


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Written by Ken Zelez   

Pet Stick

The Pet Stick is the latest and greatest Stick developed by Intracell Technologies.  This Stick has taken off like wildfire!!  It has one handle, the patented spindles and a trigger type wheel on it.  It comes in a very attractive tube, a brochure and a fancy little wrist band.

Pet Stick

The Pet Stick provides a rolling, petting message that creates instant bonding. Fun, Therapy and Performance!

Massage for Fun

  • Promotes softer more glossy coats
  • Relaxes and calms hyperactivity
  • Slows developing signs of aging
  • Promotes socialization and trust
  • Provides passive exercise

Massage for Therapy

  • Decreases muscle stiffness and
    increases range of joint motion
  • Helps ease pain and increase comfort
  • Promotes circulation
  • Relieves muscle tension, soreness and spasm
  • Recommended for the symptoms of
    canine hip dysplasia

Massage for Performance

  • Increases muscle tone, stamina and elasticity
  • Enhances joint movement and gait
  • Facilitates posture and balance
  • Hastens recovery time from injury
  • Makes muscles feel better, work harder, last longer and recover faster

"Anybody who has a pet is going to have an old pet" - Dr. Pat Belcher - Creator of The Stick


"Our 12 year old Yellow Lab loves his massage when we use “The Pet Stick”. He suffers from calcification of the spine so has lots of stiff muscles due to his decreased mobility. We humans enjoy giving him his massage, the hands on interaction is great for us all."

- Beve B

Massage therapy is a highly recommended treatment for hip dysplasia in dogs.  This tool will help your dog act like a puppy!!

Here is a very informative website on hip dysplasia in dogs - Click Here -

To Purchase a Pet Stick go HERE!!!


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Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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