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Web LinksIn this section, I have posted individuals, companies, business and groups whom I believe are great!!  This list is always expanding provided that I receive information from "my friends".
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1   Link   LED LIGHTS
Nice Led Tech is supplying major led products distributors,wholesalers,retailers in the world.Many customers are impressed by our good quality products and Service.
2   Link   Evolution Wellness
At Evolution Wellness, our singular focus is on optimizing your body's health and performance at every level - from the largest organs and structural systems to the very atoms that comprise them. Phone: 403-313-1865 - Calgary

3   Link   Airborne Tumbling and Trampoline Club
Airborne TT Club in located in Okotoks, Alberta. Matt Wheele is the owner and head coach. He is an absolutely amazing coach and is outstanding with all age groups of athletes and kids. I highly recommend him and his club.
4   Link   Bike Alberta
The Alberta Source For All Things Cycling Related! This is a great website ran by great people!
5   Link   World Health Bay Club
Randy Ducharme is the Assistant Fitness Manager. He is a certified Medical Fitness Specialist, CanFitPro-CPT, CPTN-CPT, NCCP II. You can email Randy at
6   Link   Dispersionware Internet Solutions
This is one of our best Family Friends and an expert when it comes to Web Hosting, Domain Services, E-mail Services and Software Development. He has helped us develop this site!!
7   Link   Kari Gregory - Personal Fitness Trainer
Kari A. Gregory, B.A., B. Ed., Personal Fitness Trainer, 403-249-0963 Kari focuses on in-home training that transfers to the gym, our sports and our lives.
8   Link   Jill Hefferton, Healthologist
"If you are ready to be healthy and need a little consulting, I'd be happy to help. Please contact me:

Jill Hefferton, Healthologist
health e bites
403 585-6600

**Corporate, community and personal wellness consulting
9   Link   Health Matters Fitness
Sheena Denscombe is a dear friend to my family and I. She runs her own personal training business and has an amazing zest for life and quite an interesting story!!

Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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