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 When your taking your driving breaks, use a Stick or the Trigger Wheel to roll out your forearms, neck and back.  In fact, use The Stick on your legs as well!  You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!!!




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Web LinksThis is a collection of research studies performed by accredited institutions.
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1   Link   Intracell Therapy: An Effective Tool Against the Pain of Fibromyalgia
Fortunately, advances in exercise science and manual medicine are evolving practical and promising solutions for the fibromyalgia patient.
2   Link   FSU Foot Wheel Study
THE FOOT WHEEL – A Pilot Study
Brian M. Hickey, Ph.D.
The Florida State University, College of Education
3   Link   Intracell – Instrument of Choice in the Management of Myofascial Back Pain
“Can the Intracell significantly reduce trigger point pain and sensitivity in patients who suffer with trigger points?”
4   Link   Intracell Technology Increases Grip Strength
Andrew S Bonci, BA, DC, DAAPM
Human Performance Laboratory
Mission, Kansas
5   Link   Modulation of Muscle Pain and Tissue Compliance by Means of the ROM Device: [Intracell Stick]:
The research concluded that the benefits of using The Stick are: "heightened performance on the battlefield, survivability, injury prevention, accelerated recovery from heavy exercise, modulation of muscle pain, and cost containment."
6   Link   The Indiana University Study on Muscle Strength, Power, and Flexibility
Indiana University releases results of double blind Intracell Stick study on the Acute Effects of the INTRACELL STICK on Muscle Strength, Power and Flexibility.
7   Link   The Florida State University Study on Flexibility, Power, and Speed
The Effects of a Flexibility Enhancement Program on Athletic Performance Brian-Matthew Hickey, PhD
Florida State University
8   Link   A complete list of Research Studies
Research studies for the Stick completed by third parties.

Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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