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 When your taking your driving breaks, use a Stick or the Trigger Wheel to roll out your forearms, neck and back.  In fact, use The Stick on your legs as well!  You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated!!!




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The Posture Curve was physician developed to relieve back stiffness. The device safely stretches the spine - one segment at a time.
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The PostureCurve helps to relieve back stiffness and pain.  The device helps to stretch each vertebral joint with pin point accuracy.  Use it while sitting to help relieve back tension and to recreate the spines natural curves.

The results of a University study found that " Back Stiffness was temporarily reduced by 26% after 3 minutes of segmental stretching with the PostureCurve."

Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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