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Did you know that The Stick is waterproof?  Is is completely made of plastic, therefore it can be hosed down and washed.  Don't be afraid to use The Stick anywhere and anytime!


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Written by Ken Zelez   

The popularity of The Stick really makes me excited.

This wonderful tool has put me in contact with some really exciting people and places.  I have met and corresponded with countless business owners who truly care about their clientele and want to offer their customers fantastic products.  I have spoken with physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, alternative and holistic medicine experts, equine massage therapists, horse owners, horse stores, pet owners, pet stores, rehabilitation stores, running stores, bike stores, triathlon stores, personal trainers and gyms.

Off the top of my head, I have met and worked with athletes from various sports/activities/athletics including: (but not limited to) track and field , basketball, volleyball, individual athletes, bmx, dancers, gymnasts, swimmers, hockey, football, weight lifters, ski racing, equestrian, runners, cyclists, marathon runners, triathletes,  snowboarders, badminton, tumbling and trampoline, x-country skiers and runners, climbers, rugby, golf, tennis, racquetball, ultimate frisbee, squash and more!!!

My company, Zealous Vitality Inc. has given me the opportunity to converse with individuals from all over North America about The Stick.  To mention a few, this simple to use muscle massage tool has put me in contact with people from Alberta, Saskatoon, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Georgia and even the UK.

Then again, I am also very excited when I meet people who have never even heard of The Stick.  In fact, just the other day, a lady from around the corner from me here in Alberta, Canada contacted me for a Stick after she was redirected from the US.  She could not believe that her physiotherapist has never heard of The Stick.  I also had  a neighbour drop by and ask about the what the decals on my truck were all about.  He simple asked “What is The Stick?

It truly is amazing what can happen when the word goes out when a product is really as good as we claim it is.

I have addressed this question my creating a poll/survey on my Blog.  In short, I can tell you that it varies from person to person.

Currently, the Sprinter Stick is most popular for It Band issues. Travellers, love the Travel Stick.  People are grabbing Body Sticks and Marathons sticks for themselves and their families.

 Please visit my blog  - all you need to do is scroll down on the main page to find the poll!



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