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How to Travel With The Stick? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ken Zelez   


Travelling with The Stick is quite easy and highly recommended since all Stick products are fully portable and very easy to pack.  Depending on the length of The Stick....your personal massage tool can go everywhere and anywhere with you.

Lets first look at the 4 wheel type travel (vehicle):

- Keep a TriggerWheel upfront with you for stop lights and downtime.

- When stopping for a break, grab a Stick and roll out.

- You might even want to have a PostureCurve with you for lumbar support.


Back packing and cycling:

- The Travel Stick or Little Stick can easily be packed in a backpack.

- For cycling, you could strap a Stick to your cross bar.


Flying with The Stick:

- We have had mixed testimonials about security issues at check in.

- Packing your Stick in checked baggage is your 100% best bet.

- For carry-on baggage, we have had mixed testimonials of what is allowed.

- Canadian security seem to allow Little Sticks and Travel Sticks.

- USA/International security is hit an miss on any sort of Stick.

- It is up to you to roll the dice and see how any type of airport security may react.


Overall, the most "travel friendly" products are the Travel Stick, Little Stick, TriggerWheel and FootWheel.


We have posted more information on our blog about Travelling with The Stick here.





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