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The Pet Stick is the latest and greatest edition to Intracell Technologies out of RPI of Atlanta.  Visit the menu item on the left for more details.




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Written by Ken Zelez   


Zealous Vitality Inc. was created to help people achieve optimal muscular and soft tissue health.  As a result of buying a Marathon Stick in Hawaii (where my wife ran her first marathon), I decided to tell everyone I knew about this amazing product! Ken Zelez

My name is Ken Zelez and I distribute The Stick! I am an Athletic Director @ Centennial High School in Calgary Alberta, Canada.  In addition to managing the athletic program @ Centennial, I also teach Sports Medicine.  I have coached almost every school sport, concentrating on Basketball.  I have taken numerous coaching courses as well as sports medicine related courses.  I have a Bachelors Degree is Physical Education and a Degree in The Master's of Teaching Program at the University of Calgary.

I started to experiment with The Stick on my wife and myself.  I also introduced this amazing product to my Sports Medicine students who in turn showed our athletes the benefits of using The Stick. I then had my Sr. Boys ( two -time Provincial contenders) basketball team use it everyday in practice for warm-ups and cool-downs.  After being convinced that this tool was awesome for all aspects of soft tissue health, I decided to present The Stick to my colleagues.  My wife and I also roll out our 8 year old twins (Jake and Fiona) legs' at night before they go to bed.  As a result, I decided to make it my business to let everyone know how this simple to use tool can change their muscular health and daily performance! I have learned that it is just not athletes that need to use The Stick, but everyone should have one to help take care of their own personal well-being.

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Here is a video on our story behind The Stick and Zealous Vitality.

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